PR goals
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Decentralized social finance
The founder of Subsocial came to us with a request to increase brand awareness and improve SEO through frequent media mentions. To achieve results quickly, we decided to tie the company's new product announcement to the agenda.

In their portfolio, Subsocial had a ready-made case. Users of their new product Sub ID can donate to important global charitable causes in various cryptocurrencies from the Polkadot and Kusama communities. Reaching Tier 1 media helped the project raise awareness of its product
In just 3 months we:

  • Published 10+ articles in top-tier media and got 20+ free mentions in the thematic media.
  • Received an interview request from Cointelegraph.
  • Created an expert column on Cointelegraph for the company's chief developer, which gathered 25,015 views, becoming a record in the Expert Take section!
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