Case studies

Lightning Network Infrastructure
PR goal
The goal was to increase Kaminari's brand awareness in the crypto market by presenting a comprehensive study on the Lightning network in top Tier 1 crypto media
This was the company's debut in the media. The team created a high-quality report with valuable information, and the TechWaves team pitched it in Tier 1 crypto media so that as many people as possible could read it and download it. And we achieved this goal in a month. We continue to receive reprints

AI-powered music platform
PR goal
​​Spread the word about the company's products on social media like Twitter and LinkedIn, attract affiliates and influencers to the platform
We received organic mentions from top AI influencers and VC investors without paying anything. Most of them became ambassadors of the brand and affiliates.
People wrote in direct messages (DMs) which product would work best for them because they want to buy it

Multimedia creative company
PR goal
Make the company visible to potential clients by broadcasting DELIVERED.'s brand identity, values, cases, and specifics of their work via social media and podcasts
First, we organically increased the number of followers on Instagram by two times in a month.
Second, we increased the brand’s awareness on Instagram by showing their case studies. And we created these reels that helped to achieve this goal
Third, we received feedback on a free partnership with top influencers in their field
Fourth, we received feedback from potential partners on the business collaboration request
Also, we arranged DELIVERED.’s co-founder's participation on the popular UAE channel Smash TV and a non-sponsored speaker slot with a startup presentation at Step Conference in Dubai

Blockchain crowdfunding music platform
PR goal
We identified the main problem: a lack of consistency. We decided to build a PR strategy where the main objective was the organic presence in the top media read by the startup's target audience. We started working on the personal brand of the founders
  • Made Corite's CEO a Сontributor in Entrepreneur
  • Made Corite's CEO a Forbes Сontributor.
  • Created and published an article on Fortune and Wired.
  • Made 50+ publications in top-tier media, and achieved 100+ mentions in relevant articles.
  • Promoted a PR campaign with Alan Walker through top crypto media and over 10 other media outlets.
  • We assisted businesses in raising investments ranging up to $6 million.

The Italian Crypto Art project
PR goal
The goal was to raise international awareness of the project to protect the world's cultural heritage. We targeted Tier 1 NFT- and cryptocurrency-focused media outlets where it could draw investors' attention to its upcoming Arch of Peace NFT drop.
  • We published an interview with direct links to the website on Cointelegraph. The article received over 3,000 views and was shared on social media 58 times. On social media, the team received positive feedback from investors.
  • We published the company's news story on the main page of NFT NOW, the leading NFT media outlet, with a direct link to the project's page. The article received over 3,000 views. On social media, the team has received positive feedback from investors.
  • We published an interview on EU Startups about their $1M round included direct links to the website. 78% of EU-Startups readers are decision makers and investors. About 40% of readers are Founders, Co-Founders, and C-level executives.

The South-African Web3 Marketplace
PR goal
The company's purpose was to promote the Historic Gold ZAR Coin Collection worldwide to raise awareness of the digital historical coin's significance in South Africa and interest in investing in it. A measurable result was required. The company also needed a reliable PR partner who could make sure the client's goals were met.
  • Contributed to the product launch by placing articles in investor- focused media such as BeInCrypto and Cointelegraph; in total, more than 40 online media reprinted these two articles with direct links to the project; the CT interview received 2382 views.
  • Obtained an exclusive interview on the NFT charity collection at News.bitcoin.com, one of the top three crypto investment media sites; interview has been reprinted 40 times and has received over 7000 views!
  • Published an SEO-optimized review in the European Business Review, with direct links to the project website and a detailed explanation of the benefits for investors. This review got over 1,451 views.

A Next Gen Content Monetization Platform
PR goal
The founder of Subsocial came to us with a request to increase brand awareness and improve SEO through frequent media mentions.

We decided to tie the company's new product announcement to the agenda to get as much comprehensive coverage as possible.

Subsocial had a ready-made case. Users of their new product Sub ID can donate to important global charitable causes in various cryptocurrencies from the Polkadot and Kusama communities. Reaching Tier 1 media we helped the project raise awareness of this product
  • Published 10+ articles in top-tier media and got 20+ free mentions in the thematic media to convey information about the release of the product to more people, to draw their attention and interest
  • Published an interview on Cointelegraph
  • Created an expert column on Cointelegraph for the company's chief developer, which gathered 26K views, becoming a record in the Expert Take section!

The first athlete-verified NFT ecosystem on Solana
PR goal
The goal of TechWaves was to build a strategy for Blockasset's entry in the Tier 1 media based on the campaign with the boxing and soccer stars and to get the attention of the relevant media.
  • Established the team's expertise in industry media, which increased the project's reputation.
  • Published 65 unique articles on Reuters, Express, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and they were also reprinted in other media outlets.
  • The level of trust in Blockasset has increased: the project has begun to receive organic requests from journalists.
  • Published a full review of the project on the top crypto industry resource, CoinMarketCap, where the company’s concept, its services, and technical advantages were presented

Top 10 worldwide cryptocurrency exchange
PR goal
The company's PR department approached us to create a personal brand for the managing director. The goal was to promote the company's values globally through the director's personal brand. Be more appealing to attract traders to the website. That would help them overcome brand crises too.
  • We examined the company's search engine, social media, and review results.
  • We analysed competitors' media positioning and placement. What PR activities are used.
  • We identified their audience's pains, desires, and objections so that managers could use this information in the articles for the media.
  • We discovered audience communication channels so that managers know where and how to speak in the same language with their clients.
  • We created an expert's image: core messaging, values, team experience, history, and legend. This is essential for pitching experts to journalists.
  • We set up topics for expert pitching that were suitable for the agenda.
  • Created media content plan.
  • We set up KPIs and provided media list they could apply to.

UK-based payment platform
PR goal
Increase brand awareness in the UK and the EU markets, highlighting the platform's benefits and unique selling proposition to its target audience. We published articles in the UK media that received more than 100k views in a month
  • We published articles in the UK media that received more than 100k views in a month.
  • Increased website traffic: 633 users visited the company's website thanks to published articles.
  • All stories were SEO-optimised to ensure that they appeared when the target audience searched for a similar request. They are also available on Google News.
  • We received two speaking opportunities at industry events for the CEO in a month.
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