PR goals
The company's goal was to promote the Historic Gold ZAR Coin Collection to the global market in order to make as many people as possible aware of the uniqueness of the digital historical this coin, which has special significance in South Africa, and interested in investing in it. A concrete, measurable result was required.

The company also needed a reliable public relations partner who could make sure the client's goals were met.

You can also check out the published materials below:
  • Contributed to the launch of the Historic Gold ZAR Coin Collection by placing articles in crypto investor-focused media such as BeInCrypto and Cointelegraph; in total, more than 40 online media reprinted these two articles with direct links to the project; the CT interview received 2382 views.

  • Obtained an exclusive interview on the NFT charity collection at, one of the top three crypto investment media sites; interview has been reprinted 40 times and has received over 7000 views!

  • Published an SEO-optimized review of the ZGD token in the European Business Review, with direct links to the project website and a detailed explanation of the benefits for investors. This review got over 1,451 views.
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