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About us
At TechWaves, we're the creative architects who shape your brand's story into something extraordinary. We're not your typical PR agency; we're the special ingredient that makes your company's values, mission, and vision shine brightly.

With over 6 years of PR experience, we've mastered the art of making your audience say, "Wow, these guys are impressive, and I want to be a part of what they're doing!"

TechWaves is a boutique, full-service PR agency that startups trust for their growth. Whether you need funding, want to expand to new markets, or just strengthen your presence where you are, we've got you covered.

We're not just about creating buzz; we're here to build trust. We create a sense of reliability and belief in your product, turning casual consumers into passionate advocates who share your values, spread the word, and become devoted members of your brand community.

With TechWaves, we're not just making waves; we're generating a tidal wave of brand love and loyalty.

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    Years of PR and marketing mastery
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    Stories told, bringing our partners countless clients
  • $6M
    With our PR and marketing wizardry, we've helped startups secure investments
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Partners about us
Mattias Tengblad

Sofia and her team have been extremely valuable for us pushing our news and articles to be published in global media such as Fortune magazine. We will continue to work with Sofia and her team for a long time after our first initial three-month project.
Ahren Posthumus
Techwaves delivers fantastic results for Momint by consistently placing our business in renowned publications like Bloomberg and Bitcoin.com, for example. The result being massive exposure and awareness for our brand and instilling trust in existing clients
and new business prospects.
TechWaves assisted us in building powerful social media channels and showing our services in reputable media outlets from the ground up. Sofia and her team provide excellent options for a company looking to establish itself as a leader.
Leonid Shipulya

CEO and founder of Corite
CEO of Web3 Marketplace Momint
Marketing Officer of WeavePay
TechWaves is awesome. They have honed in on the unique selling points of our project and always take the initiative, which takes a burden off of us. Working with them is a breeze.
Alex Siman
Founder of Subsocial,
a Polkadot-based decentralized social network platform
Motti Peer

Sofia has a knack for keeping her word. And since she's taking up the assignment, you can rest assured that it will be completed. I'd like to continue working with Sofia since she has the capacity to uncover alternative effective solutions and put them into practice in real life.

I have worked with Nika and Sofia for close to a year now. They have helped facilitate media coverage in a number of tier 1 publications. They have always been a delight to work with, I would and do recommend them always.
CEO of ReBlonde PR agency
Partner and Brand Strategist at Blockasset.co
Philip Gunwhy
Dmitry Machikhin

CEO of crypto tax
service BitNalog
Sofia is able to get the company's name covered in the most influential media outlets in a short amount of time. She focuses on the real benefit to the client's reputation and the potential to expand the audience relevant to their work rather than KPIs.
CEO and founder
of Studio NX
Adam Jeffcoat
Nika does thorough research and presents you with questions, background information, and the type of things the journalist may ask. She also helps with the editing to make sure the article hits all the right beats and is clear and concise.
Case studies
Blockchain crowdfunding music platform
Decentralized social finance
The first athlete-verified NFT ecosystem on Solana
Web3 Marketplace
Crypto Art project
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